What critics are saying about Society of Broken Souls

Highwire Daze

“...an intriguing manifesto, one whose reflective lyrics and vibrant melodies will absolutely captivate the senses.” (Ken Morton)

Little Village Magazine

“The performances, both vocal and instrumental, are relaxed and deft ... Midnight And The Pale is restrained and modest, but in the end feels quietly epic.” (Kent Williams)

Pop Matters

“... dusty, darkly, and naturalistic folk ... a convincingly windswept picture.” (Jonathan Frahm)

Iowa Public Radio

"...a songwriting powerhouse." (Ben Kieffer)

The Iowa Source

“Sparse to semi-lush, the whole damn thing positively sparkles...” (James Moore)

Stars and Celebs

"...a collection of eclectic sounds woven seamlessly together while the lyrics evoke imagery both sweet and stark." (Kasey Smith)

What fans are saying about Society of Broken Souls

Carol in Fairfield

"I didn't want to stop listening...my heart feels full and life seems well lived because of listening to your music."

Sam in Las Vegas

"The stories they tell in their songs can be stark and thought provoking, but also very beautiful and even hopeful. Is their music Americana? Country? Folk? Jazz? Who cares. It is wonderful."

Ree in Fort Dodge

"I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. It's like you've lived my life."

Stacy in Springfield

"Lauryn and Dennis exude creativity and magic in not only their lyrics and songs, but their overall presence."

Susan in Denver

"You've inspired me to turn the pages in my book of life."

Lucas in Fairfield

"Listening to you guys always makes me wanna go on a road trip. I love the stories and the emotions y'all reveal with each song."